All Might Change

Strategic Communication Consultancy

‹All Might Change› is a Strategic Communication Consultancy. We specialize in the analysis and design of interactional spaces in companies and organisations. Our mission is to help our clients create authentic, multi-layered and empathetic communication campaigns. Our approach was awarded with the Spin-Off label for entrepreneurial innovation by the University of St.Gallen and the Center for Entrepreneurship in 2018. Serge Honegger and Claudio Mascolo both act as managing directors. ‹All Might Change› is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, limited by shares and registered in England and Wales.

Communications & Production
We design and produce multimedia and content formats for internal and external communications. Our solutions engage audiences by drawing heavily from our experience in theatre, film, dramaturgy and experiential storytelling.

Research & Consulting
Our research is based on studies in the field of organisational discourse analysis and media theory. We focus on the use of spatial design, visual and multimedia elements, storytelling, spoken and written language.

Our Story
After having gained extensive experience in both the opera/theatre and the film world as well as PR and communications, we started a research project about communication tools in the age of digitalisation in 2013. Consequential, Serge Honegger developed a PhD-project at the University of St. Gallen that highlights directional practices’ fundamental dependence on the deliberate design of different communications channels. We felt that companies and organisations had a growing need for alternative mediation formats as a reaction to the digitalisation of traditional media channels. ‹All Might Change› was created in 2016 as a vessel for our first project: We were asked to create a guided tour through London for a visiting delegation at Schneider Electric’s global leadership summit. The objective was to offer an immersive experience, highlighting current trends in business and culture; a fairly vague brief that the company could not get a satisfying response to from the usual agencies in London. We have since expanded the breadth of our offering collaborating on events with clients as varied as Carrefour Group, L’Oréal, Opera House Zurich and Tonhalle Zurich.

Our approach is based on studies in the field of organisational discourse analysis and media theory. The projects that are realised by ‹All Might Change› address the control of actions and sense making in companies and organisations through the use of language, writing, visual elements and spatial design.

We give space to polysemous phenomena that allows complexity and divergent thinking. This means to challenge the audience to make interpretative decisions and thereby motivate people to reflect and act. All our projects have the aim to gain more insights into the impact mechanisms of experiential formats.

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