Street Ballads III – Ukraine

A live soundscape with contemporary voices from Ukraine

The performance project Street Ballads collects different voices on the present throughout Europe in the form of a live soundscape. Street Ballads III – Ukraine will have three performances in Zurich in summer 2023. The live soundscape is comprised of literary passages, a choreography, and sound elements, blending artistic disciplines to accompany the works of ten Ukrainian authors. They pro­vide the voice of a historical, mythological or legendary figure of their choice to com­ment on the present. The performance brings together 15 artists from the Ukraine and Switzerland.

Street Ballads III – Ukraine is a performative-vocal intervention. The acoustic landscape will be presented via narrative fragments, sounds, and voice improvisations. The performance unfolds as a loop over approximately 2 hours and takes place in the audience area of the museums. It is divided into 20-minute sections that are repeated several times in a different form. Soundscapes form a conceptual pivot in the debate around spatial atmospheres in the areas of architecture, theatre and public spaces.

More information: www.soundscapes.live