Street Ballads II – Bulgaria

A live soundscape with contemporary voices from Bulgaria

Street Ballads is the second stage of a project that started in 2019 with a first soundscape entitled I am not alone. This performance on the cultural space of the ancient Via Egnatia road was a collabora­tive project with 16 museums in Switzer­land (www.viaegnatia.ch).

Artistic voices from Europe
The Street Ballads performance project brings together a variety of artistic voices from all over Europe to reflect on the pre­sent and create a powerful interdisciplina­ry network. Our goal is to use artistic and musical means to establish creative ex­periential spaces and thought-provoking viewpoints.

A live-soundscape
Street Ballads is designed to evolve over several stages. The live soundscape is comprised of musical improvisations, noi­ses and spoken passages.

From Switzerland to Bulgaria
Having focused on the Western Balkans and Switzerland in 2020 and 2021 with the performance I am not alone, the second stage of the project will move to Bulgaria in 2022. Here, four musicians from the Swiss ensemble meet four per­formance artists from Bulgaria. They will collaborate to create a two-hour perfor­mance in various exhibition spaces in So­fia, Plovdiv, Varna and other cities.

Literary contributions
In addition to music and sounds that ref­lect the respective exhibition programme, literary contributions can also be heard. These have been written especially for the performance. The Bulgarian authors pro­vide the voice of a historical, mythological or legendary figure of their choice to com­ment on the present.

Theatre and music festivals
After touring Bulgaria, the ensemble will travel to Switzerland and various festivals around Europe, further developing the performance into an acoustic travelogue.

Project Management, Artistic Direction
Manuela Casari, Serge Honegger

Art Office Foundation (Bulgaria) 

New Culture Foundation (Bulgaria) 

Balkans Beyond Borders (Greece) 

Culture Routes Society (Turkey) 

Elizabeth Kostova Foundation (Bulgaria) 

Literaturhaus Zürich (Switzerland) 

Tirana Ekspres (Albania) 

Via Egnatia Foundation (The Netherlands)

Elisabeth Weber Stiftung 


Landis & Gyr Stiftung 

Pro Helvetia 

Spendenstiftung Bank Vontobel 

temperatio – Stiftung für Umwelt, Soziales, Kultur