SH: Many dance pieces are based on a certain pattern. Do you recognise such a pattern in "With a Chance of Rain"?

LS: I didn't start with a narrative for this piece. Rather, it was an evocation at the beginning of the process. Everything should remain in flux. In developing the piece, I proceed step by step. In this way, a pattern forms over the course of the rehearsal period. It has to feel right in the body, like something that has grown naturally. Dance is an ongoing movement that should not come to a halt.

SH: The narrative moments that you include in "With a Chance of Rain" are striking for me. How important is storytelling in your work?

LS: This is something that means a lot to me. Many choreographers have a rather difficult relationship with it, and it's not a simple matter. But I discovered very early on that you can also discover a story in smaller forms such as a pas de deux and share it with the audience. A great narrative can be created from various emotional moments.

Excerpt from the interview for "Paradigma" / "With a Chance of Rain"

Premiere at the Bayerisches Staatsballett at the Nationaltheater Munich on 18 December 2020

Photos: © Bayerisches Staatsballett / Katja Lotter and Wilfried Hösl

Text: © Bayerisches Staatsballett / Serge Honegger

In 2020, Liam Scarlett rehearsed his choreography "With a Chance of Rain" with the Bayerisches Staatsballett. He took his own life in 2021 at the age of 35.