A dance piece for children aged 4 and over

Music theatre by Franziska Angerer based on the story "The Fish Who Found the Sea" by Alan Watts

Ballet scenes from "Generation Goldfish" by Charlotte Edmonds

Staging: Franziska Angerer
Ballet scenes: Charlotte Edmonds
Electronic composition: Katya Richardson
Stage: Dieter Eisenmann
Costumes: Charlotte Edmonds, Susanne Stehle
Video: Lea Heutelbeck 
Dramaturgy: Serge Honegger

Fish: Judith Seibert
Gill: Severin Brunhuber
Red: Sinéad Bunn
The Sea: Miriam Kaltenbrunner

Premiere: 24 September 2022, Parkettgarderobe, Nationaltheater Munich
Premiere of the adapted version: 2 December 2023, Königssaal, Nationaltheater Munich

Photos: © Bayerisches Staatsballett / Nicholas MacKay

In her 2022 production, director Franziska Angerer integrated ballet scenes from Charlotte Edmond's 2021 ballet "Generation Goldfish". Classical and contemporary dance vocabulary was used to depict the world of fish, sea creatures swam past as video projections on the walls of the National Theatre in Munich and the sea gurgled, splashed and spoke from the loudspeakers. The electronic music heard in the production was composed by Katya Richardson.