Panel discussion on 20 January 2020 with Sarah Elena Müller, Sunil Mann and Alexander Markin

An event organised by in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Zürich

Authors: Sarah Elena Müller, Sunil Mann, Alexander Markin
Reading/acrress: Seraphina Schweiger
Presentation: Serge Honegger
Project management: Manuela Casari

Cooperation partners: Balkans Beyond Borders, Culture Routes Society, Via Egnatia Foundation, Literaturhaus Zürich

Support: ProLitteris Cultural Fund, Fondation Jan Michalski pour l'écriture et la littérature

Photos: © Milad Ahmadvand

In 2020/2021, Sunil Mann, Sarah Elena Müller and Alexander Markin embarked on an imaginary journey through the Western Balkans along the ancient Via Egnatia route with the literary and musical performance "I am not alone". As part of a panel discussion at the Literaturhaus Zürich, they reflected on the route and talked about the texts they had written during the performance. On the expedition, which was undertaken using literary means, they collected the remains of watermelon rinds, memories of ancient gods, traces of hellhounds, past love stories, footprints of the Virgin Mary and Roman coins. At a time when travelling was difficult due to the pandemic, the audience was invited to take a seat with Sunil Mann, Sarah Elena Müller and Alexander Markin on the final stones at the end of the long route and take in the view.